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Core values: honesty, innovation, humanism, harmony

Honesty is the enterprise, reliable foundation, the development of the treasure. One should be honest with customers, two must be honest with employees, three must be honest with shareholders, four must be honest with the government, and five must be honest with the society.

Without innovation, there is no development. Innovation is the soul of enterprise progress and an inexhaustible motive force for the progress of the enterprise. One should be cultural innovation, two to manage innovation, three to technological innovation.

People-oriented business is the key to the success of the people, respect for people and care people on the management of the first, do customers, employees, shareholders of the intimate people, caring people; only to learn to be successful.

Harmony is a form of beauty that can unite people, unite in strength and accomplish something great. Internal work to establish a harmonious environment and living environment, external cooperation and development to establish a harmonious platform for social harmony and development to contribute.



To become the country's mold manufacturing industry's long-term strategic partner.


Humanism, sharing, development, responsibility
People-oriented - our employees are the most valuable asset, encourage employees to self-improvement and development, experience the meaning of life at work.
Profit sharing - source of drinking water, Thanksgiving colleagues untiring contribution and hard work.
Common development - the collection of the best professionals and management personnel, combined with the company's development goals to provide the best space for development.
Commitment to responsibility - Sustainable development, giving back to the community is a basic commitment to employees, shareholders and the community.


Business philosophy
Quality - The quality of our products is optimized for creating customer products.
Speed - We deepen the layout, rapid response to meet customer needs.
Cost - We combine production and marketing, vertical integration, to enhance customer competitive profit.
Resilience - With our responsiveness, we are able to ride on a small number of diverse product markets.
Services - We serve in the manufacturing industry, providing a full range of services that exceed customer requirements; only better, not best.


Company Culture
Building a total of good - combined with professionals in different fields, play teamwork.
Responsibility - to respect self-professional and empowerment, to assume the success of team and individual.
Reward and punishment clearly - performance-oriented as the basis, there will be meritorious service, there will be punished.
Learning to grow - inspire staff wisdom and potential, full of vitality continue to break the growth ceiling.


Core competencies
First-class quality and good marketing team
High-precision production and testing equipment
National layout of sales outlets
Quick response to after-sales service
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